Make Your Web Site Generate Sales Leads

We Build Web Sites That Generate Sales Leads

How Do You Make Your Web Site Generate Sales Leads?

Making your web site generate sales is our specialty and it breaks down into four steps: 

  1. Use a search-friendly platform
  2. Frequently publish quality content that is relevant to your audience
  3. Get people to come to your site
  4. Convert visitors into customers

You need to do all of these things to generate sales leads.  It’s useless putting  content online if you can’t get search engines to index it.  And getting people to come to your site does not automatically mean they will do business with you.

1. Use A Search Friendly Platform

All web sites are not the same, and it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd and have your message heard. Search engines are looking past keywords and links to things like site freshness, frequency of publishing and social signals. To succeed in search and to engage your customers on every front you need a platform that allows you to quickly publish your own content without technical knowledge, and to make that content easy for search engines to find and index.

Google Loves WordPress & Drupal

We love WordPress and Drupal, and so does Google. These platforms are search engine friendly, contain built-in content management systems, integrate tightly with social media, and allow you to publish an unlimited amount of your own content. They allow you to quickly connect with your customers when you want to, on the issues that are important to them.

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2. Frequently Publish Relevant Content

Mobile devices and social media are exploding, making it more important than ever to connect with your customers and add value to their experience wherever you can find them. In addition, continuous publishing and social media are having a greater and greater effect on search engine results.

Frequently Publish Relevant Content

It’s getting more difficult to generate sales leads from static web sites. More than ever it’s important to have a platform that connects you with your customers wherever they are and allows you to easily  publish high quality content that’s relevant to them.

We’ll show you how to use your WordPress or Drupal platform to quickly publish  relevant information that will help convert your users into customers and raise your status with search engines.

3. Get People To Come To Your Site

The formula used to be put some keywords on your page, get some links back to the page and you were set, but the rules have changed. Search engines now consider things like the authority of sites that link to you , the amount of original content you have, how often you publish, and social media signals.

Get People To Come To Your SiteSearch Engine Optimization still works but is no longer the only factor. For more on this read our post “Why Search Engine Optimization is Not EnoughIn order for your site to rank well for search and generate sales leads, you’ll need an ongoing content strategy and a social media strategy. We’ll develop one for you and show you how to use it with your search friendly WordPress or Drupal platform to impress search engines and attract customers.

4. Convert Visitors Into Customers

This is the big one, and it’s often overlooked. Getting lots of people to come to your site won’t do anything for you if you can’t convert them to customers. How do you do that?

  1. Make it easy for your customers to contact you
  2. Answer questions and provide information your customers want
  3. Gain their trust
  4. Ask them for their business

Convert Users Into Customers

We are experts in the art of converting visitors into customers. We treat every page as a self-contained web site, with simple navigation, relevant information, strong calls to action, and your phone number in several places on every page. We’ll convince your customers that you’re authoritative and trustworthy. We’ll make your customers want to do business with you.

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Generating enough quality sales leads is the biggest challenge in any organization, and you’re probably reading this because you’re in the same boat. Imagine that you had a digital sales person that could generate an ongoing supply of quality targeted sales leads. Now imagine that person works 24 hours/day 7 days/week and 365 days/year, never gets sick, never takes a vacation, and, never needs to be paid. That’s what we’re offering you.

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