Why Search Engine Optimization is Not Enough

Isn’t what you’re doing just SEO? No, it’s much more. SEO drives traffic to your site, but doesn’t convert those visitors into customers. Without the right content, message, and calls to action to convert customers into users, money spent on SEO is wasted.

Search Engine Optimization

And SEO itself has changed. Search engines no longer just look at keywords and links. They now consider metrics such as the level of trust and authority of the sites that link to you, freshness and frequency of publishing, and increasingly, social signals.

The First Problem

Here’s the first problem. It doesn’t work as well as it used to. It worked so well for a while that Search Engines found their results getting skewed in the worst ways. The old approach was focused exclusively on specific keyword phrases on pages and links to those pages with very specific anchor text in them. So if you mentioned the keyword phrase enough times on your page and had enough links to the page with the anchor text in the links containing your phrase, you were set.

How SEO Has ChangedSearch engines fought back and leveled the playing field by making their search algorithms much more sophisticated. As a result it’s no longer enough to have keywords on your pages and links to those pages. Now search engines look at who is linking to you and how trustworthy they are. They look at local signals, the authority of sites that link to you, social media signals and hundreds of other criteria all designed to provide a more accurate and truthful result. The effect of this has been to make it harder to influence search results with keywords and links alone (SEO only).

The Second Problem

Here’s the second and far more important problem with using SEO as your only strategy.  All of the attention and focus is placed on getting people to come to your site through search, but what happens when they get there? The assumption that both customers and the SEO companies operate on is that getting people to come to the site is the hard part: once they come they will buy. Guess what? That’s not true.

Why SEO Alone is Not EnoughWeb marketing is just that — marketing on the web. It’s not enough to have “a site” and get people to come to it. Unless you have a well-known brand, people have millions of other choices and no particular reason to deal with you. If they don’t believe you are trustworthy, if they don’t believe you are authoritative, if you don’t provide the information they’re looking for, or if you don’t solve their particular problem — they’ll go somewhere else. People make these judgements online in seconds.

The Solution

Publish  high quality content on a search-friendly platform,  publish frequently, get people to come to your site, and give them an incentive to become your customers. Read how to do it in our post “Make Your Web Site Generate Sales Leads

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