Why Should We Trust Clickstream Marketing?

Wayne KolenchukI’m Wayne Kolenchuk, the founder of Clickstream Marketing. I’ve been a web developer since 2001 and have been involved with the Internet and search marketing well before the word “SEO” was coined. We’re committed to forming lasting relationships with a smaller number of quality clients. I guarantee that if you engage us your web site will generate targeted sales leads for your business. How can we guarantee that?

15 Years of Solid Internet Experience

No, not 15 years of experience with search marketing. The field is only a couple of years old in spite of what some companies want you to believe. But we do have 15 years of engineering experience with the Internet. We know structures and protocols and how everything works behind the scenes.

Why Trust Clickstream Marketing

We’ve taken our solid engineering background and leveraged it into search engine marketing. We are ideally suited to combine both the technical and marketing sides to generate the sales leads you need.  Our techniques and recommendations are based on data and science rather than opinions and trends.

Our Company Structure

The skill set for  this kind of work is actually quite demanding, involving a mix of technical,  and marketing skills. Because we know budget is always an issue, we’ve structured ourselves as a virtual company. Our 15 years of experience has produced a network of skilled people who are competent in various disciplines, which means we can offer you agency quality service at a fraction of the cost.

Technical and Marketing Knowledge Requred

Because most of the people in the company are or have been self-employed at one time or another, we’re familiar with the kinds of challenges you face. We know you have budget issues and may not have the necessary in-house staff. We’ll recommend programs that fit your budget and staffing levels and show you how to use them. We’ll show you how you can economically outsource portions of your program when it’s necessary.

Our Attitude

We’ve been around long enough to see a lot of Internet hype come and go. The Internet is filled with SEO and social media experts that have a whole 6 months of experience and are looking to cash in with your dollars. That’s not us. We won’t take on a project unless we think we can be successful.

We’re interested in forming lasting relationships, not grabbing your money. We’re confident enough that we’re willing to guarantee your success.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Call us at 905-276-3348. In half an hour we’ll convince you that we are the best marketing investment you could ever make.

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